About Me


My name is Fay and I started this blog about three years ago when I became a Fulbright ETA in Taiwan. This blog is meant to cover my travels and my experience as an outside observer including objective observation with occasional interpretations. Now that I’m based in Washington, D.C., I’m devoted to my new work and trying to improve my communications skills even more, but I do get out of town from time-to-time. Learning and living through my experiences abroad helps me become a better person everyday.

After a year without a new post, I decided to take an official hiatus from “Blank Goes Here” until I decide where this blog should go next as I make the journey from young traveler to student and professional again. Thank you for reading this blog, the few of you who visited, and I hope that the next time you return, I will be back with new material.

July 5, 2017



  1. I loved reading through your blog. It’s giving me lots of insight into Taiwan that I didn’t know. I find it funny that Taiwanese children love Ghosts and Zombies. My children seem to be obsessed with them as well. It is so neat that you are teaching young children about America, and through your blogging you are teaching me about Taiwan. Thank you. I also pray that you will have a good and quick recovery from your accident.

    1. Hi! Thanks for your kind words and for reading. Yes, it seems that zombie and ghost lore is almost globally universal and fascinating to young kids and I’m glad my blog allows you to draw connections between Taiwan and the U.S. That is part of my purpose in writing here. ^_^

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