About This Blog

When I made this blog, I didn’t have a clear direction or ideal to label my writing. I just knew I was on my way out of the U.S. and anything could happen. Hence the name, BlankGoesHere.

Now, 15 months later, I know that this blog is about travel/living abroad and the experience that being a visitor or resident in a new land has on me. Whether it’s refreshing and enlightening or exhausting and frustrating, I’m going to lay it out here honestly. Travel blogs often trick you into thinking that the life of a “modern nomad” (as I’ve heard the term once before) is all sunsets and rainbows, oversaturated and overexposed Instagram pictures, spiritual freedom, and thrilling adventure. And while these assumptions are sometimes true, there is so much more to it that can’t be codified in a Snap or a Tweet.

90 percent of traveling the world on a whim (and small budget) is confusion and courage. The confusion brought on by new institutional systems, languages, customs, historical knowledge, food, and expression. And the courage to allow yourself to be confused and learn to survive and live to the fullest in a new cultural context.

Enjoy reading.


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